Monday, August 1, 2011

Johnnie Square-Jaw

So I watched this:

and a friend said this:

I think I'm just over-reacting because my inner geek (and lets face it, my outer geek as well) would love to see a really good, tense naval warfare movie with fleets of ships and tactics and historical accuracy and torpedos and stuff. But no, instead we have to watch Johnnie Square-jaw blow up some fuckin aliens. I don't remember that in the old game."

and it made me draw these

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:P See you Wednesday


  1. The trailer leaves much to be desired. Your drawings however.. really funny Tim! Love the shorts especially.

  2. BAHAHAHAHA.... I didn't watch the trailer the first time I read this... so I didn't get the joke. Hilarious.

  3. I like his navy time towel. I'm sure navy guys have this towel